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A Little Get To Know Me


It’s been one month since I launched this blog. You likely already know that I started it as a means of connecting with, and encouraging, similarly situated women rebuilding their lives after a breakup, separation, or divorce. I knew from my search of content like this that there wasn’t a whole lot out there. But I wasn’t sure how many women were actually looking for it. So I was pleasantly surprised when in these first 30 days, this blog has had 449 visitors and 1,452 page views. Many of you are my friends and family, and to you, I thank you. But many of you are new friends and connections, for which I’m so very grateful.

In discussing this achievement with my therapist, I informed her of my anonymity dilemma. On the one hand, I’m a reserved person and don’t want this blog to be all “me me me.” On the other hand, because I’m not writing fiction or poetry, but about my life, it is difficult for it not to be about me. In response, she encouraged me to identify myself. In doing so, my authenticity can only increase and my connection with my readers can only be stronger. I’ve decided to take her advice (to a degree, of course. My ex nor my daughter will ever be identified). I thought a fun way of kicking this off, and celebrating one month, would be to share some fun and random information about myself.

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Let the Tears Flow

The First Social Outing