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Cinematic Heartbreak


Immediately after my separation, I turned to Hallmark for lovey-dovey, light and fluffy movies. But a few months into it, once I had sufficiently avoided the panic of never being loved again by embracing the fairytale, I then wanted to watch things that were a tad bit more realistic. I needed to watch someone hurting like I was hurting, and feel comforted or amused by how they were handling it. So I turned to heartbreak movies. The internet is full of lists of the best ones. (You can find them by Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, and Marie Claire.)

My favorite heartbreak movies are:

1.Sleeping With Other People

This has quickly become my favorite movie. I love how well Alison Brie portrays the nonsensical way we (yes, women) can tend to latch on to someone that we know is not good for us. And I love even more watching her unlatch herself. It also has some really hilarious moments.

2. Waiting to Exhale

Because who doesn’t love the moments when Angela Bassett burns all his clothes inside his car or chops all her hair off?! Or the moment Lela Rochon tells Troy about himself?! Also, all Black and female cast - what more could I need?!

3. Bridesmaids

I looooove this movie because I so understand how Kristen Wiig’s character just sort of falls apart - her job, her home, her friendships, her love life. It seems to all happen, all of a sudden, and not by any fault of her own. But as the movie progresses, she realizes she may have had a part to play and she works to fix it. Annnnnd its hilarious!

4. The Holiday

This movie is so beautiful because of the scenery, and the interwoven storylines. It's on the list for one scene, and one scene only - when Kate Winslet’s character finally wakes up and tells the no-good man she’s been pining away for to take a hike. Its such a satisfying girl power moment!

5. The Notebook

Who doesn’t love the notebook? A romantic man. Love and hope. Distance and time. I’m still waiting for a man who will build the exact house I described decades prior in a casual conversation while he waits for me to return to him. Swooooon.

Grab Your Light Breakup Movies.png

I also consulted my friends who have been through a breakup, separation, or divorce, and these are their top 10:

  1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

  2. The Break-Up

  3. He’s Just Not That Into You

  4. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

  5. War Room

  6. 500 Days of Summer

  7. First Wives Club

  8. It's Complicated

  9. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

  10. Anything Bridget Jones

Every now and then when my ex-husband irritates me or I find myself feeling lonely or wanting to have a pity party, I’ll watch one of these movies. I’ll buy myself some chocolate, put on my comfy slippers, set my phone on do not disturb, and simply take comfort in the fact that someone gets it - the writers, the actors, the directors, other people watching it. Someone gets it. And someone survived it.

Take a little time this week to watch one or two or ten of them!

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